$48-Million ICO Raised to Build a New Blockchain
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If you’ve ever wondered what a massively successful ICO looks like – just after they’ve finished their ICO – this is the episode you want to hear.Hycon hit their targets and raised an astounding $48-Million in the middle of bear market! Here’s how they’re pushing forward on their idea.Their project is complex. They wanted to provide on-chain scalability, create something that was faster to transact in, and that had higher throughput capacity. Basically they really wanted to create a ‘real-world’ blockchain solution – and they’re on the path to do so.Here’s what a $48-million ICO looks like – just after it’s sold out, and their ICO is finished.Join me Cahill (sounds like K-hill) as I interview Niall and Jason of Hycon – and find out what it was about this ICO that led them to raise $48-million.In Part 1 of the interview we cover:Why build a new blockchain technologyWhy South Korea – contrary to popular belief, is a thriving cryptocurrency marketHow they plan on building out their roadmap with the funds…