Bloomberg Intelligence with Mike McGlone
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It’s often been said that it’s easy to make money when the entire industry is going up. But what about when the market takes a turn. When you’re in a bear market?In the cryptocurrency bear market at the moment - just about everyone is wondering, what’s the bottom and when should I get in?I sit down with Mike McGlone from Bloomberg Intelligence to gain insight on:How his team gains insight in the marketWhat you should consider when assessing the cryptocurrency space in the current bear marketWhy he doesn’t think we’ve hit the bottom of the cycle just yetWhen institutional money is going to enter the spaceand much more….It’s a 15-min episode that’s jam packed with info.Hope you enjoy.——If you haven’t already joined my ICO Insights email list, you need to get on it ASAP! By joining the ICO Insights email - you get the details on new podcasts that I’m launching, get details on any exclusive giveaways or offers that I’m giving, updates regarding my speaking, conferences, live podcast recordings, and even the book…