Image Protect ICO - Helping Content Creators Monetize Content
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Blogs. Digital Ads. Facebook Campaigns. Your favorite magazine. Photographers often make the content come alive - they convey the emotion and images behind great stories.The challenge is, when large Fortune 500 companies steal, use, and make hundred’s of thousands of dollars from marketing campaigns - but don’t pay a $200 photo fee - it leaves the creatives, the content creators with nothing.But there’s a problem. If you’ve ever created content and uploaded it to the web, you know that it’s hard to figure out who’s using it.This is where Image Protect jumps in.Join me Cahill (sounds like K-Hill) as I chat with Matthew and Jonathan (CEO and Founders) from Image Protect and find out why they’re using the blockchain to help small content creators thrive, photographers earn more money - and give large companies the picture marketplace they seek.In Part 1 of the episode we cover:- why 97% of the industry simply takes photos without paying, and how Matthew and Jonathan have figured out how to help Photographers…