Poverty Reduction, Education & Public Blockchain
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In this episode join me Cahill (sounds like K-hill) as I was joined by Alfonso Molina from ID Money. We talk everything from sovereign identity, sharing data, ability to control your own data, education in the cryptocurrency space and more. As you’ve probably come to understand - the ID Money project is a big one. There are a lot of moving parts to this project. Again education, wallets, privacy, giving back to the community, government, and more. You’ve got to listen closely to hear why and how they’re trying to solve each aspect. In Part 1 - we cover the standard questions. Alfonso offers a lot more information and insight (and, to be honest, a lot of the questions that I was going to cover in Part 2) into the problems and challenges behind what they’re trying to tackle. This part of the interview is 50+ minutes because we cover a lot of ground. In Part 2 - I dive into my own questions from the white paper and from our Part 1 discussion. I think it’s good to know the details - especially when getting into…