Overcoming government censorship, fake news & more with a Decentralized News Network
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Fake news. Government censorship. Standardized media outlets. Not only are these problems getting worse - but they carry far more impact in our global society than they used to. From presidential elections to uprisings, getting the real news, in a real and unfiltered manner, with real fact checking is difficult. It’s why this blockchain company has tackled the problem head on. Join me Cahill (sounds like K-Hill) as I sit down with Samit Singh and Dondrey Taylor (Co-Founders) from DNN. Sparked by the controversial presidential elections in the US – Samit and Dondrey were deeply disturbed by the seemingly massive amounts of fake news that occurred. It got them thinking – perhaps there was a better way to allow authentic, verified news to educate the people? Thus they started DNN – a Distributed News Network.In Part 1 of the interview we cover:Media polarization and why this growing gap is affecting how we consume newsWhy fact checking and verification is critical to clarityHow traditional media allows…