Casino’s, Gambling and Gaming on the Blockchain
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Gambling. Gaming. The Casino industry. As a heavily restricted and yet, highly profitable industry around the world, many blockchain startups are naturally looking to tackle this industry.The challenge is, as anyone who’s heard about gambling or a casino will attest to: “the house always wins”. Well, this blockchain startup wants to change that. By giving token holders the ability to win or earn tokens, when “the house wins”, along with a host of other gaming options and security options.Naturally this is going to be a very difficult industry to tackle - IF you’re looking to target the largest players in the market, in very heavily regulated environments. Think Vegas. But what about the billions of people in less regulated industries - who still appreciate and want to game safely? What about the countries in Europe, Africa, South America and more - who are just starting to regulate and legalize the industry?This is where Liger Coin is aiming. Join me Cahill (sounds like K-hill) as I talk with Pyatrush - CEO…