FIFA, Soccer, Sports and the Blockchain
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In this episode join me Cahill (sounds like K-hill) as I talk with Daniel Taylor from Blocside about soccer (football if you’re in the UK) and how as an ex-pro soccer player (football player) he’s bringing blockchain to the space. We’ve known for years that sports teams are not just about the sports. Sports teams are about so much more. How then do sports teams evolve to creating more value for their fans, more value for their players, and more value for their teams? Add to this the old systems that are typically in place with sports teams - and you have a fertile ground for disruption.This is what we dive into. In Part 1 of this episode I dive into the standard questions. We cover:What opportunities exist at the current momentWhere things are going within the soccer (football) spaceHow Blocside is looking to help bridge the gapWhat their ICO and structure looks likeWhat they’re planning on building over the next few quarters In Part 2 of this episode we dive deeper as always. As an ex-semi pro athlete…