Panel Discussion with IBM, Aion, Digital Bits
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This is a blockchain technology panel discussion with leaders and founders from Kessem from Aion, Al from Digital Bits, and Catherine from IBM.Aion - is one of the top 50 coins on Coin Market Cap, and has built their own blockchain technologyDigital Bits - is looking to leverage the blockchain for loyalty rewardsIBM - yes, a bit of a legacy player in the group, is looking to leverage the blockchain for their own projects and corporate clientsIf you’re looking for perspective from a number of leaders in the space - this is a conversation you’d like.The conversation covers:Business models on the blockchainWhat should and should not be on the different chainsWhere the future is headed for the industryWhy the interactions between businesses are what new companies should look toAnd much much more….Hope you enjoy the conversation!—If you haven’t already joined my ICO Insights email list, you need to get on it ASAP! By joining the ICO Insights email - you get the details on new podcasts that I’m launching, get…