Elastos Foundation - Quick Interview
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Look at the cryptocurrency industry, and you’ll find that most people want to create a decentralized future, secure internet future. Elastos wants to help do the same thing in a private and confidential way.The idea is not to just create another blockchain project, but to create a system by which anyone can send data (think anything from personalized medical records, to transactions) safely and securely to one another.Yes, you’re probably thinking - “wait a second, I want to know more about this and how it works, isn’t that blockchain as a whole?”.Well, according to Elastos, the answer would be yes and no. Without getting into too complex of an explanation there are areas of weakness in terms of sending critical pieces of information to others via blockchain. Unfortunately we didn’t get into what their view on this, and what they plan to do but we will in our future episode with the Elastos Foundation.In this episode I catch up with Feng Han, Co-Founder from the Elastos Foundation to quickly discuss:what he…