Food, Pharma & Logistics With Patented Physical Technology
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Sometimes the least “sexy” markets have the most potential. Yes, revolutionizing a blockchain, gaming, real estate and more get great attention – but I find we sometimes overlook the underlying systems that run our world. This, is often where great opportunity can be found.Let’s take shipping as an example. As someone who owns growing e-commerce businesses, I understand the very real need, and very real pain – of shipping products around the world.The couch that I’m sitting on, the computer that I’m typing with, the earphones that are playing my music – were all shipped globally through a system of highly interconnected (and outdated) logistics systems.This is where Smart Containers takes aim with their blockchain solution.Join me Cahill (sounds like K-hill) as I talk with Richard Ettl from Smart Containers. As Co-Founder and CEO Richard shares his insights from working in the logistics industry – and successfully building his business to pivoting to a more advanced blockchain solution.In Part 1 of the…