App Development & Wall St. Experience Translated to Blockchain
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In this episode join me Cahill (sounds like K-Hill) as I chat with Eric & Ryan from Xsolus. With a background in services and product development – app design, software development services etc. Xsolus has moved to developing an ecosystem of services and products for existing customers and new potential customers. Here’s what they’re looking to do from a high level. Build an ecosystem of within the blockchain spaceOffer blockchain services for current and potential customersBuild a cryptocurrency exchangeCreate a wallet to manage cryptocurrencyDevelop a blockchain based cryptocurrency payment solution for partnersLeverage their skills and experience in software development to further enhance their incubator It’s a lot, but from what we dive into, has been phased in with pieces. In Part 1 – we cover the standard questions. Eric and Ryan explain why they’ve moved from strictly software and app development offerings to blockchain offerings. They come at things from a technical perspective – which is interesting…