Blockchain Vacation Homes - Crowdvilla with Darvin Kurniawan
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Here you can join me Cahill (sounds like K-Hill) as I chat with Darvin Kurniawan from Crowdvilla – a real estate backed utility token for vacation rentals / stays. The idea is like AirBnB – for your travel homes. Only this time you own a piece of the real estate. We dive into some of the problems of AirBnb from Darvin’s perspective, challenges with centralized sharing economies – and how he and the team want to try and solve that. Micro-sharing economy is one of the terms he uses to describe their decentralized process. In Part 1 – we cover standard questions and areas related to team, timing, tactics, traction and token economics. This part of the interview runs about 40min. In Part 2 (members only) – we dive into my questions from reading the whitepaper. This part of the interview also runs about 40min. Here are some of the questions I wanted to know:Who owns the underlying property?What does the 20% allocation for the team go to?How does Crowdvilla navigate around the rental restrictions in various…