Mevu ICO With Co-Founders Kelvin & Tim
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September 5, 2018
Sports betting. It’s a multi-billion dollar global industry that is, unfortunately still shrouded in a bit of grey zone.If you’ve seen, heard or read about gambling on the Know Your ICO Show (yes, we’ve got an interview on this topic) you’ll know that gambling is a massive industry. Sports betting is part of gambling - and is arguably one of the largest niche’s in the gambling world outside of direct gambling games.But even in green-lit countries where sports betting is legal, you encounter a wide range of challenges. From sports-books running on centralized servers, to no recourse for consumers if a payout is not made, to no ability to really bet against your peers - the industry is operating on a very outdated process.Think of the old movies - with sports bookies taking bets on paper and running odds in an old smoke filled room. While it’s not exactly like that - it’s close. And this is the opportunity that MeVu sees.Join myself Cahill (sounds like K-Hill) as I chat with Kelvin and Tim, both Co-Founders…