Hearts, Dreams, and Laughs (Aired On October 20 & 21, 2018)
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Nick Constantino (Clarkstown Sunrise Rotary Club) and Alexandra Duenas, president of Clarkstown Sunrise, are two of the Rotarians working in partnership with the Neiva Noches Plateñas Rotary to help terminally ill children in and around Neiva, Colombia. The project is called “Hearts, Dreams and Laughs,” because it mostly consists of hiring professional clowns and other entertainers to bring some smiles to the nearly 200 children in hospitals in and around Nieva who will probably live the rest of their young lives in the hospitals. Clarkston Sunrise hopes to raise enough money to fund the project for a year. Both Nick and Alexandria are also suitcases filled with toys, including Beanie Babies supplied by Spring Valley Rotary, as they visit the hospitals. The project is Rotary all the way, since Clarkston Sunrise learned of it from Alexandra’s cousin, who is in president of Neiva Noches Plateñas Rotary—and you can learn more about it by listening to the interview with Past District Governor Nick Constantino on…