050: Hi-Def Living for a New Season - Joshua Faltot (Achieve Series #1 of 4)
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A high value with the Creator is clarity. We could say he’s Hi-Def … infinitely Hi-Def. And so how can we live an intentional, proactive life, moving toward a preferred future in harmony with God? We can cultivate gratitude and an abundant mindset as we set goals for a new season. See the show notes page for this episode at JesusSmart.com ——more—— As we pray, listen, and prepare, we position ourselves for a new season of optimal living. We learn to balance the creative tension between fully living in the Now Moment and yet leaning forward into The New. JESUS SMART: THE PODCAST Click to receive the Jesus Smart eLetter and keep current with podcast episode releases We’re resolved that Jesus Christ is the most brilliant person to walk the planet! He knows how life works best now. And the future belongs to him … and those who follow him. Even more, the future is breaking into the present. We engage stellar guests. And we’re questing after Kingdom themes — what Jesus taught and modeled. There’s no need to be…