12: David duChemin on the Long-Building Vision
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"Gear is good, but vision is better," says photographer and educator David duChemin. This week, we talk to David about discovering and developing that vision. Sponsor Take Control Books. Get 30% off any Take Control Books purchase with the coupon code PHOTOACTIVE. Go to www.takecontrolbooks.com/photoactive Hosts: Jeff's website, Jeff's photos, Jeff on Instagram Kirk's website, Kirk's photos, Kirk on Instagram Show Notes: See the full show notes, including photos, screenshots, and more, here. David duChemin The Compelling Frame Master Your Craft course Pilgrims and Nomads Limited Edition book by David duChemin The Craft and Vision Field Cap “The Helsinki Bus Station Theory” David’s YouTube Channel Leaving Dafen Insta_repeat on Instagram “Is it any good?” Elliot Erwitt Ernst Haas Ernst Haas: Color Correction: 1952–1986 Alex Webb The Suffering of Light, by Alex Webb Wynn Bolluck Our snapshots: Jeff: From These Hands: A Journey Along the Coffee Trail, by Steve McCurry Kirk: Hiroshige: One Hundred Famous Views of…