Season 1 Wrap Up - Listener Q&A’s About the Season - S01 Ep12
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Erica and Connor spend the entirety of todays episode answering listener’s additional questions that have come up throughout this season as well as tying up other loose ends from the season. We are both sincerely so thankful for all of the love and support you have shown us in transitioning back to our individual podcast feed and for following along with us as we develop a new format for the show. We will be back in a few short weeks with the start of Season 2 of the Portrait Session Podcast. Season 1 Listener Q&A’s Phil Roccuzzo 1) In the order of operations when setting up your business… do you need to create your business checking account first or do you create the business (llc)first? 2) Regarding insurance… is it best to form your LLC (if that’s your intention) first and then get the insurance under the company name … OR can you get the insurance prior to forming the llc and update the name after? 3) In your experience from a marketing point of view .. does adding LLc to the name have any impact in…