Additional Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business - S01 Ep 10
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In todays episode we talk about additional marketing strategies to help you grow your business. Then, on sticking points, Connor sits down with Pete Lagregor to discuss ways he can convert traffic coming to his website into actual bookings. Developing additional marketing strategies Will you operate on word of mouth? If so, is there a way you can encourage that further? Referral programs Clear expectations for tagging/photo credit on social media Relationships with other businesses Facebook has become a marketing monster Social media as marketing Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest ads Facebook groups Hashtags and tagging Plan things ahead of time. When Creating advertisements don’t just ask what it is doing, but how it is doing it and how that will encourage others to follow through on their end. Think creatively about what needs your ideal client has that only you can fill or that you can fulfill in an easier, cheaper, faster, or better quality than others in your market. PEOPLE WILL NOT COME TO YOU, YOU HAVE TO…