Let’s Talk About Specialties in Portrait Photography - Season 2 Episode 1
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September 4, 2018
Erica and Connor take an overview of the subject they are talking about throughout the second season of Portrait Session: The different specialties in portrait photography. This is just an overview of all the different types of photography a person interested in portrait photography can focus on and specialize in as they master their photography. We by no means feel we have compiled a total and complete list of potential specialties in photography in this list, but this list will be the general guide for us through this second season of Portrait Session. If you feel like we may have missed something, feel free to join our facebook group and post in there to let us know! Throughout this season we will be bringing on a number of experts who have mastered their specialty in the field of portrait photography. We will be focusing on our expert’s abilities, experiences, and advice for those interested in digging in to their specialty in photography while making efforts to highlight the key factors a person should…