Behind Barrs (with Steve Martin, the prison reformer)
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Steve Martin is a leading prison reform advocate who served as the court-appointed monitor of Rikers Island prison complex in New York. He’s also the co-author of “Texas Prisons: The Walls Came Tumbling Down.” Q&A - Attorney General Bill Barr’s letter summarizing Mueller’s principal conclusions - SDNY’s criminal complaint filed against Michael Avenatti THE INTERVIEW The other Steve Martin - Steve Martin, the actor - Steve Martin’s iconic arrow hat Rikers Island - An article from the NYT, “What is Rikers Island?” - An article from the New Yorker on the plan to close Rikers SDNY & Rikers - SDNY’s 2014 report on the excessive use of force against adolescent inmates housed at Rikers Island - An article from the NYT on SDNY’s decision to join a lawsuit against New York City over the conditions at Rikers - The consent decree Nunez v. City of New York - An article in the WSJ reporting Steve Martin’s appointment, plus a list of his monitor reports The Stanford Prison Experiment - Background on the Stanford Prison…