Surfin’ Safari, s01e03
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Surf music @ Tracklist: The IllumiGnarly - Psychoplasm The Terrorsaurs - Apache Bear The Splashdowns - Sunset over Cape Canaveral Goggle-A - Sterrin’ Fun Fun Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - La Casa Gialla Martin Cilia - Sleep Walk Los Venturas - Mr. Rebel The Mysterons - Tiger Boogie Godless Wicked Creeps - Hystereo WJLP - Rode Hard and Put Away Wet Amphibian Man - Emigrant Gary Hoey - Baja The Tornadoes - Shootin’ Beavers Kimono Dragons - Tuck ‘n’ Roll The 427’s - Diablo Beware Of Blast - Fast Forward The Sonoras - Salon Venganza Messer Chups - The Hound Of The Baskervilles jv5s56yw