Svezhaque @, s02e02
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Radio no longer discovers new music. We discover New music @ Tracklist: The Eli Wallis Quintet - Blues to the Amateur Necromancer Joe B. Humbled - How Did The Folly Begin? Catfish John Tisdell - Kindhearted Woman Stylus - Replicant Jazz Beach Skulls - Love And Sex Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawor - Our Love Will Terminate Any Leftovers Of Spare Time SharpKnives - Hold On The Huaraches - It’s Called A Cave Stomp, Babe The Waley Brown - Another Day Tami Neilson - Devil In a Dress Henry Maceta & La Pandilla Salvaje - Don´t Know Why Chet Nichols - Sunday Morning Mike Langston - Built For Comfort The Zipheads - Don’t Pretend Bongwool Lee - Burning Incense