022: RxJS and redux-observable with Tracy Lee, Jay Phelps, and Ben Lesh
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Panel: Nader Dabit Sia Karamalegos Special Guests: Tracy Lee, Jay Phelps, and Ben Lesh In this episode, the React Round Up panelists talk to Tracy Lee, Jay Phelps, and Ben Lesh about RxJS and redux-observable. Tracy, Jay, and Ben are the RxJS ThisDot Media group and where they do support contracts for RxJS, staff augmentation, developer relations, and put on events. They talk about what observables are and what they are trying to solve, the most common use cases for getting started with observables, and what Promises and Async/Await are. They also touch on what they like most about RxJS, how versatile it is, and more! In particular, we dive pretty deep on: Tracy, Jay, and Ben intro ThisDot RxJS What is an observable? What problems are observables trying to solve? JavaScript Learn observables Making everything functional in the library Means of encapsulating values you want pushed at you later on Downside to observables Little bit of a learning curve Most common uses for getting started with observables Can…