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ThrivTALK is a podcast filled with informal, organic conversation about the pains we Creatives often feel when starting and growing a business. Jenn and Doug will share their experiences, both good and bad, with the hope of making you, the Creative, feel inspired to start your business, take more action in your business, feel you are not alone in your journey, not be a afraid to show your vulnerability, and drive you to take the steps Jenn has created through ThrivCommunity.com to find daily peace and confidence in your mind, and organizational structure in your business.This is not a step by step success model, it’s a community of accountability partners all working together to support each other, from the emotional side of business that we Creatives struggle with, to tried and true methods structuring your systems and processes that will maximize your bottom line. Welcome to ThrivTALK!Don’t forget to subscribe to ThrivTALK. You can find show notes online at starvingartistmyth.com.