Say Yes Now, Figure It Out Later
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“Yes” is a magical word. Three letters can open entire worlds of opportunity. And when you’re getting your startup or freelance business off the ground, you need every opportunity you can get. But on the flip side of the same coin, saying “yes” comes with a demand. You have to show up. And when you haven’t been in the game all your life, sometimes that means you have to jump out of the plane and build yourself a parachute on the way down.In this episode, Jenn and Doug talk about the power of “yes” in their own lives as they grew from starving artists to successful entrepreneurs as well as strategic use of that two-letter sibling: no. Tune in this week to learn how and when to take advantages of the opportunities in front of you and how to crush the starving artist myth.Don’t forget to subscribe to ThrivTALK. You can find show notes online at