39: The Ashiest Place On Earth
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It’s still Spoopy Season on Night Call, where Tess, Molly, and Emily discuss slasher movies, traumatizing movies, and what it really means when your ride breaks down at Disney. PLUS an important update about the ongoing Ouijaboard saga and a night call about loving your dog maybe a little too much. Call in to Night Call at 240-46-NIGHT This episode is sponsored by: [Scentbird](https://www.scentbird.com/call) (Code: CALL) [FabFitFun](https://fabfitfun.com/welcome/) (Code: NIGHTCALL) [ThirdLove](https://www.thirdlove.com/?utm_source=NightCall&utm_content=Audioboom&utm_medium=podcast&discount=EYTQ1XSQ038C) Articles and media mentioned this episode: Instagram, Molly Lambert: [@molly_lambert](https://www.instagram.com/molly_lambert/?hl=en) Film, [Halloween (2018)](https://www.halloweenmovie.com/) Instagram, Emily Heller: [@MrEmilyHeller](https://www.instagram.com/p/BpbN49fBNpU/?hl=en&taken-by=mremilyheller) Podcast, [Baby Geniuses](http://www.maximumfun.org/shows/baby-geniuses) Twitter, [Saturn Eating His Son…