A Movement for Liberty with Brian Nichols- from “Bills” with Luke Scorziell
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This interview first appeared on "Bills" with Luke Scorziell found at https://theedgeofideas.com/2018/07/11/ep-39-movement-brian-nichols-libertarian/ 2016 changed how the world viewed politics. This change gave prominence to the libertarian, limited-government ideology. Brian Nichols is an adamant supporter of libertarianism and the philosophy of “Don’t hurt people. Don’t take people’s stuff.” We sort through the Republican Party’s flaws, the dangers of big government, and the importance of personal responsibility. Brian’s Background “I really didn’t have much of a choice when it came to being involved in politics.” ~ Brian Nichols Brian grew up in a very political household. His grandfather was the town supervisor, and his father was the county representative for his home county. While his family-life exposed him to politics, Brian has taken a very hands-on approach to the field himself. “I’ve spent pretty much my entire life involved in some way, shape, or form of politics. I’ve loved every minute of it.”…