2. How to Ride a Bicycle
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Susan B. Anthony once called bicycles the ticket to “free, untrammeled womanhood” … but can women really pedal their way to empowerment? Cristen and Caroline investigate the complicated history of bicycles and catcalling, and talk to a modern, badass bike messenger about out how to clap back at douchebags. Follow Unladylike on social @unladylikemedia. And sign up for our newsletter at unladylike.co/newsletter. Hear Unladylike without ads on Stitcher Premium. Use promo code “UNLADYLIKE” at stitcher.com/premium for a free month trial. This episode is brought to you by Talkspace [talkspace.com/unladylike] and Everlywell [everlywell.com]. Use code UNLADYLIKE for a special offer. This episode was also sponsored by Casper Mattresses.