What Bitcoin Did #56 Why Bitcoin Matters For Freedom With Alex Gladstein
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December 14, 2018
‘œA lot of the dismissals, criticisms and attacks on Bitcoin come from people who have the luxury of having a stable financial system.’ ‘” Alex Gladstein Interview location: Skype Interview date: Thursday 6th Dec, 2018 Company: Human Rights Foundation Role: Chief Strategy Officer All too often price dominates the discussion with Bitcoin: an ETF approval will be great for the price, we need institutions, when is the next bull run? Also, naysayers criticize Bitcoin when the price crashes, calling it a speculative asset with no utility. Is price a distraction from the potential for Bitcoin? Right now the use case for Bitcoin is limited for those in the developed world. Sure it is fun to send Bitcoin, perhaps it is easier than using a bank for sending value to someone in another country, but price volatility limits the use case for payments. In the developed world, holding Bitcoin will benefit most if it does become a globally recognized, accepted and used as a form for money. Right now, some would argue the…