PG106: Healthcare Holdup, Travel Ban, Religious Funding, Seattle’s Fight for 15
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This week’s show starts off with Mike and Jay taking a look at the currently stalled Senate GOP healthcare bill. Between the bill’s broad unpopularity and a devastating Congressional Budget Office score, it looks like it’s going to be tough for Mitch McConnell to get this bill through his chamber without some significant changes. While Mike and Jay differ greatly on the merits of Obamacare, they both agree that, to this point, Republicans haven’t offered a serious, carefully considered conservative alternative to it. Next it’s a look at some big news from the Supreme Court. The Court partially lifted the injunctions imposed by lower federal courts on President Trump’s travel ban, and said it would hear the case in October, at the beginning of its next term. Both Jay and Mike feel this is the right call, though Jay feels the injunction should have been completely lifted, which Mike doesn’t agree with. After that, they discuss a Supreme Court decision that allows state funding for religious institutions. Jay…