King of (the long) Kon
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Twin Galaxies has flexed the almighty ban hammer against cheating for the second time in just a few months and this time it’s against the self-proclaimed video game player of the century: Billy Mitchell. I have had the great fortune of having Scott as a friend of mine and he has been able to bring his wisdom on the the show a few times already, but this time he came to speak about his time at Twin Galaxies, working as a referee and also in his capacity as a historian helping rebuild the database. He chatted with me about the experiences he had in working with Billy before and after working for Twin Galaxies, and after in his time working in the gaming industry as a journalist, an advocate, and historian. You can find a link to download the show or listen on the web here: KakeBytes episode 11! You can also find the show on Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, Overcast, Podcast Addict, TunerFM, and literally most of these million podcatchers. If you’re having trouble finding the show on your preferred app…