7: Unbelizeable!
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Welcome back to Season 1 of Language Stories. We're back for the second half of this season and this time, we're speaking English…and a few more languages in Belize. Why Belize? I was really excited to visit Belize. After my time in Costa Rica a decade before, Central America had always had a draw for me as a really accessible region in terms of geography and language. Yet, despite the rest of the region speaking Spanish primarily, Belize officially speaks English. Of course, this is due to colonialism, but still, how curious! But 'Belize speaks English' isn't the full story. And that's why we wanted to dive a little deeper with Belize. The Video Featuring Osmer - Osmer started the Northern Belizean Spanish Facebook Page in part for his own research. It's an interesting look at bilingualism in Belize including signs etc. Timothy McKeon - Timothy is a polyglot and writer who has studied creole and pidgin languages extensively. He volunteers for Wikitongues. You can read more from Timothy on Creoles here.…