Episode 3: Montreal: Beyond Bilingual
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We're making our way up North America. This time we visit Montreal, a city that goes beyond the French and English bilingual expectations you might have. This is episode 3 of Language Stories - Montreal: Beyond Bilingual. The Video Click here to watch the sister video to this podcast episode. To keep track of future episodes in video form, click here to subscribe on YouTube. Support The Show The best thing you can do right now to support the project is threefold, and if you've ever listened to any podcast before, I'm sure you'll be familiar with what I'm about to say! Subscribe - by subscribing to the Language Stories podcast in your favourite place and YouTube for the sister videos, you're going to keep up with all future episodes. Woop! Review - when it comes to the tech stuff, reviews are pretty important. Reviews help to tell iTunes that people like the podcast, and that helps to raise the profile so that new people can find it easily. Yay! Tell a friend - word of mouth still wins! If you know someone…