6: You Know a Word in Nahuatl
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When we were in Cuba, just before Hurricane Irma struck, our casa particular owner said to us we can use the internet. It was weird. We’d gone almost two weeks with zero wifi due to it being a complicated and expensive and time-consuming process in Cuba, and all of a sudden we were told we could connect to her wifi for free?! Wow! We were instantly inundated with news of the impending hurricane, which was fine, because we knew from chatting with locals on the street that it was coming. But what we did discover that we didn’t previously know was that Mexico had been hit by an earthquake, near Oaxaca, a place we were planning to spend a bit of time. The internet soon cut off, and as Hurricane Irma eased, we finally needed to get in line and get ourselves a wifi card, mostly to tell friends and family we were ok. The next two times we logged on, we saw news of yet another earthquake in Mexico. Already having been a tourist in one natural disaster, we decided not to visit the route we had in mind for Mexico,…