Season 1: Peter Platzer from Spire
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December 11, 2013
In each of our podcasts, we ask top hardware entrepreneurs the same 10 questions to better understand the challenges and best practices in starting a hardware company. In Episode 3 of Season 1, Lemnos’s Eric Klein speaks with Peter Platzer, the CEO of Spire, formerly NanoSatisfi. Why did you start your project? and What did you do before deciding to start a hardware startup? I am a high energy and fusion physicist. I got really lucky in my youth. I got to spend some time at CERN and the Max Planck Institutes, and got to touch very, very large hardware. I was crawling through a fusion reactor at the Max Planck Institutes that I was writing my thesis on. It was an unparalleled inspirational experience. And I always had this drive towards space, but it was, back then, too government-driven, so I followed my other passion, which was business, and joined the Boston Consulting Group. They then sent me to Harvard Business School, where I ended up starting a finance company—a quantitative training company. Then I…