11: Highly Affected by Words
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This week, we consider failure in terms of other people — basically, what does it look like when other people think you've failed at doing the thing you love? Do you keep doing it anyways? One of us would choose fame over loving the thing they were doing. We talk a bit about the subjectivity of art, and how difficult it can be to determine what's actually good. Spoiler warning: JP reveals a major plot point in IT. Also, after 45:00 we absolutely crush it on spoilers. Too many to detail.Links:kottke.org - home of fine hypertext products — One of Steve’s favorite blogs.Next Draft: The Day’s Most Fascinating News from Dave PellRob Bell — Rob’s pretty awesome (at least, Steve thinks so)Rob Bell - Wikipedia — Bell’s book Love Wins caused a major controversy within the evangelical community. The controversy was the subject of a Time magazine cover story and a featured article in the New York Times.[26][27][28] In the book, Bell states that “It’s been clearly communicated to many that this belief (in hell as…