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Live from the echo chamber, Nick and Jon are back and woker than ever. This week we refine our sales pitch which can now be delivered by bike. We go deep on follow up, set some challenging goals, and go back to the drawing board on fitness watches. Nick has ordered new headphones, Jon just needs to try harder, and we wait for our advertising plans to go “woooosh” and literally let all the air in. Show notes Graeme Le Saux was often cast as an outsider within football for his Guardianreading sensibilities and "sensitive" nature. Here he is discussing banter and changing room culture. We could be the St Pauli of village cricket Nick should have gone and got a Grey Nicholls bat The Tag smart watch can be traded for a proper one after 3 years How to read and understand vo2 max A quick tour of Garmin’s stats dashboard. And another one for good measure. Marco Arment on non-Apple podcast apps on Apple Watch Some problematic advice on running—or stating the obvious, we don’t know which Please consider checking your…