Magic Sand Puddles
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Idioms: 1. By hook or by crook 2. Da steppt der Bär 3. As happy as a sandboy 4. Up to snuff Links: Wild haggis Razor clam Where do labradors come from? The Old Curiosity Shop War of the Roses House of York Rose House of Lancaster Rose Snuff Snus Obols on the eyes Raw Water Juicero He’s a crook captain hook Previous idioms Spider head massagers Sheep rustling problem… Hammer and sickle Lady Justice Billhook Charles I Charles II Presented with a Pineapple Batman: Arkham Knight Disney Fantasia Sunflower Media and contact: Our Twitter Our Instagram Deborah’s Instagram Deborah’s Twitter Sam’s Twitter Ben’s Twitter Terence’s Twitter Terence’s Instagram Terence’s Website Email