Ace Flyswell’s Heroic Exploits
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Idioms: 1. Crocodile tears 2. It takes two to tango 3. In hot water 4. Kangaroo court Links: Wallaby Joey (baby) Kangaroo boxing – Bonus David Attenborough Balancing on tail Quango Convicts in Australia A Stray Yankee in Texas Office space, jump to conclusions Bald headed muppet Mustang horse Claim jumping California Gold Rush Courtroom notary (stenographers) Noah’s flood – fish (nonsense) Noah’s flood – unicorns (also nonsense) Jews and New Testament Artemis Fowl Lizards lick eyes Set Offler Sobek Scramble for Africa Plutarch Bogorad’s syndrome Boggart Gladiatorial combat Cummerbund Buildings higher than palm trees Co-op Goldeneye Onsen Blood spurting out of nose (tvtropes warning) Rejected titles: An Evil Quango Two teams of one Badger the Barrister Shark Sneezes High Noon Tango Tango Deathmatch Noah Hated Fish Four hands clapping Roast us Media and contact: Our Twitter Our Instagram Deborah’s Instagram Deborah’s Twitter Sam’s Twitter Ben’s Twitter