Introducing Structured Anarchy
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Idioms: On yer bike Tie the knot Pass the buck Sponsored by: Links: First Past the Post (not PR) Alternative Vote (not PR) Proportional representation MMP – AMS (my mistake) STV D’Hondt CGP Grey’s Video on FPTP (Worth the watch, as are the others, I promise.) Yes Minister (never seen this, might have to watch it.) National Trust Becoming an MP Stoppit and Tidyup Spywatch The Amazing Race The Amazing Race – Camels vs. Bikes Norman Tebbit Segway Owner of Segway Dies Swegway (Silly devices) Mountainboarding Snakeboard Flicker scooter Tying cans to cars The Lady’s Favour Common-law Marriage No-fault Divorces Gay Divorce Law Same-sex in the Law Gordian Knot (Alexander, dammit) Odysseus and the axe-handles (embarrassed for forgetting this one) Conan the Barbarian Handfasting Ceremony Pre-engagement ring Purity ring Ring finger Chastity Belt (Debatably Not Safe for Work, depends where you work I suppose…)