Surprise Parachute Rides
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February 20, 2018
Idioms: 1. Shelling out 2. Ghost in the machine 3. Beat around the bush Links: A cut above the rest – Lovecraftian Guinea Pigs Five Euro note ripped up Storage heaters Shell suits Scarborough Whitby Atlantis Yam Island Solomon Islands Shells as currency The gold standard (US) Nixon Shock Finite Bitcoin Mount Everest real name (Sagarmāthā) Darwin’s personal tortoise (he didn’t eat it) Butternut squash Cilantro Canadians Shell Out! Ghost in the Shell – Film Ghost in the Shell – Superior Anime Ant-Man – Film Lathe Capstan lathe Chinese flying machine Poltergeist Magic smoke Rick and Morty Loser Discworld Clacks Gilbert Ryle Cartesiam dualism Philosophy of mind Why is a computer bug called a bug? Gremlin on the wing Community Support Officer Quidditch Bushwacker Tallywacker – Slang for genitals, does not require link. The Most Dangerous Game Trinity College, Cambridge Monster Hunter: World Minecraft