Super Hairy Leg Time
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Adam, Lucy and Deborah talk about the heat, again, and we also get into Terence’s hairy legs! Idioms: That old chestnut Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face Spinning a yarn Alternative names: Elongated Film Chat Peter Molyneux Sucks Floating Babies Links: Fable (2004 video game) – Wikipedia(great game) Peter Molyneux – Wikipedia Jack and the Beanstalk – Wikipedia Lionhead Studios – Wikipedia Bullfrog Productions – Wikipedia Theme Hospital – Wikipedia Theme Park World – Wikipedia Dungeon Keeper – Wikipedia Dungeon Keeper 2 – Wikipedia(one of the best games ever) Godus – Wikipedia Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube? – Wikipedia Can Xerox be used as a synonym for photocopy? – Quora Hoover vs. vacuum – Grammarist Velcro – Hook-and-loop fastener – Wikipedia Austin Powers – Wikipedia Goldmember – Wikipedia Hokusai – Wikipedia The Great Wave off Kanagawa – Wikipedia (Pokemon edition)The Great Wave Off Kanto by missypena on DeviantArt Photorealism – Wikipedia The Birth of Venus – Wikipedia The Merchant of…