Sucking on Lightbulbs
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Idioms: 1. The best thing since sliced bread 2. Teaching your grandmother to suck eggs 3. At loggerheads 4. Third time’s the charm Links: Apple’s comeback story Warburtons White Bread Tommy used to work on the docks… Boy rushes up hill for bread (Hovis Ad) Washing machine time saver Sliced bread banned in war Norovirus David Attenborough Elephant Bird Egg Cadbury Mini Eggs Cadbury Creme Egg Pinning eggs Pickled eggs Balut (not linking) Urine eggs (nope) American vs. English Eggs Lightbulb in the mouth Stuck around a lamppost Spanish playwright Quevedo Pesto Lumberjacks Loggerhead turtles Road painter Justice League – Film Wonder Woman – Film Three Busses At Once USB USB Quantum State John Henry George Lee The Merry Wives of Windsor Reference Stackexchange Vero Owner The Internet Mitch Hedberg Xennial Generation Rejected titles: Tech talk with Adam Fairly self-explanatory Butchering bread Someone goes home The best thing since last episode Our Stupid Gnoshers What are old people? Gripping lampposts Conkers…