Salt is Bitter Sugar
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Idioms: 1. Shot point-blank 2. Cutting the mustard 3. Wait for the other shoe to drop 4. To collar someone Links: Porpoise Dolphin White-collar crime Blue-collar crime Priest collar Salt in coffee Salt in porridge Horse collar Captain Picard-esque seat Point Break Hot Fuzz Keanu Reeves is Immortal Point Blank game Dr. Strange Portal Blank bullets The Crow Hitman game series Bullseye gameshow Alan Partridge back of the net Noah Moses Colman’s Mustard gas – development Bleach and vinegar (don’t) Corned beef General Custer Jumanji Wreck-It Ralph Mustard plant Norwich mustard museum History of Nintendo National mustard museum Ikea founder 1% of wood used in Ikea Shoes on telephone wire Rejected titles: Know your Porpoise Not about Batman The non-explicit one Just alpine cows A good sized herd Priest Crime on the BBC Stellar the Cherry Tree Sea Flavoured Always the Leg Guns are still dangerous Noah swam in mustard General Custard’s Last Stand Chop up the mustard god Discusstard The mustard discussion We