Chico Stage Race Hot Lap #1 - Allie Dragoo - Women’s GC Winner
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It’s the Monday after the Chico Stage Race weekend, anyone doing work? Don’t answer that online. Instead, how about listening to some short interviews with a few of the weekend’s big winners - we call these Hot Laps! A few very important questions that get answered - where exactly did those gold wheels come from? Does Justin Williams close his eyes coming into the last corner? Why would you ever choose Poland in the winter over Australia in the summer? - Hot Lap #1 - Allie Dragoo | Twenty20 Pro Cycling- Hot Lap #2 - Chris Riekert | Team Mike’s Bikes- Hot Lap #3 - Justin Williams | Williams Racing/Specialized Bicycles Subscribe to our Between Two Wheels Podcast YouTube Channel. This Episode is sponsored by HealthIQ. To learn more and support the show, visit us a rating and comment on iTunes, Stitcher,, GooglePay or Podbean and now also on TuneinSubscribe on Android Follow and share us on Facebook at: us on twitter - @tjanke or…