163 | Singles vs Collections: What stories do this well (or not)?
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This episode was recorded on June 3rd, 2018! Paul, Kate, and Kait tackle a MAJOR question: What stories work better in single issues and what stories work better in collections? Why do we pick the ways to read our books? And what creators work better for each type? Also, DO NOT MISS: The first issue of the IRCB Zine! Check it out at http://ircbpodcast.com/zine!! Timestamps * 00:00:00 – Start/Last Week in Comics * 00:11:34 – Comic Picks * 00:20:52 – Single issues vs Collections * 00:45:10 – Wrap/Credits Comic Reads/Picks for this week * Doomsday Clock #5 * Dry Country #3 * Coda #1 * My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness * Man of Steel #2 * Giant Days #39 * Justice League #1 Relevant Links/Information * Paul – @OhHiPaulie * Kate – @KateSkocelas * Kait – @KaitLPhere Music provided by Infinity Shred. Find them on Bandcamp. This week’s episode was produced by Mike Rapin and edited by Zander Riggs. Have a question? Want us to talk about a topic? Submit discussion topics to our subreddit /r/IReadComicBooks or our…