The Napster Effect
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We look at the changing music industry and how it’s effecting the most important people involved, artists. We bring you three stories today, from Denver Colorado’s the Simulators, Soundcloud darling Oliver Tank and Jazz & Funk legend Galt MacDermot about their experiences with music and the music industry, it’s decline, and how it’s evolved with the internet. Sponsors: Vervoe Vervoe seamlessly automates the interviewing process, and allows all candidates to show their skills and style through online simulations. With Vervoe, hire the right candidates in 4 days, not 40. Go to and get 50% off your first 3 months. Jumpchart. Jumpcart Jumpchart takes the pain out of website planning. Get on the same page with the whole team. Clients, designers, copywriters, devs, and project managers. Where’s the stuff we need to build the website? It’s in Jumpchart. Go to to get started absolutely free. CloudSponge. CloudSponge is the easiest way to import your…