Rub It In, Rub It In
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Would you write a poem for the loneliest bird in the world? Would you stick around through the credits of SOLO to hear the Lando rap? Would you become a dedicated fan of the Glade Plug In Cinematic Universe? Bro, did you see this? Nigel the Bird Found Dead Next to the Concrete Partner He Tried to Woo For Years Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Trailer Ant-Man Die Hard Noah ‘Game Of Thrones’ Duo Benioff & Weiss To Pilot New ‘Star Wars’ Movie Series Confederate “oh wow, just caught a preview of Donald Glover's Lando rap for the Han #SoloMovie. didn't realize we'd be getting new Childish Gambino music so soon!! i hope Disney doesn't take this down!” “wow- just saw a preview of Will Smith's credits music from the new Aladdin!! managed to sneak a video- watch before Disney takes it down!!” L-A-N-D-O on Rap Genius Glade Plug In Rub It In You Rubbed It In All Wrong Sacroiliac Joint Billy Crash Craddock Still Rubbing It In Older Women