Create an irresistible eBook
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How to create an irresistible ebook ⤵ Scroll down to see LINKS related to or mentioned in this episode ⤵ 1. Compelling cover Use color that grabs attention Use large type and keep it simple 2. Table of contents Provide a map Link to chapters 3. Large chapter titles Make it clear that a new chapter/section is starting Use a thin typeface when using large fonts 4. Bold headings Use lots of headings to make the text scannable Use questions in your headings to be more persuasive 5. Short paragraphs Don't let them go on and on State the main point up front 6. Plain language Use simple words to describe complex things Refer to the link below from Let's stay in touch Read my research-based blog Follow me on Twitter @joshmitchell24 Follow me on Instagram @jayy_mitch Find me on Facebook Links:[Slate article] Socrates: A brief history of technology and education.Spaceship Earth Complete Ride Transcript — “Books make it easier to invent the future in every field”Seth Godin FREE eBooksSpaceship Earth…