It’s ALL about content
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There's a right way to make content and a wrong way to make content. So much of what we deal with everyday is CONTENT and we need to work hard to make it the best it can be. ⤵ Scroll down to see LINKS related to or mentioned in this episode ⤵ How do you organize articles you want to read? Choose a TRUSTED system Put things there Revisit your trusted place over and over Notable quote: "Dig your well before your well before you're thirsty" Find the stuff that will replenish your energy when you're feeling low HOCs and LOCs Higher Order Concerns: Content, Organization, Design Lower Order Concerns: Paragraphs, Sentences, Word Choice Figure out the big picture before focusing on the little details Content is all about questions - what will REAL people be asking? Questions have the power to call someone's attention to something specific There IS such thing as a bad question Good questions are SPECIFIC Headings are good for people Let's stay in touch Read my research-based blog Follow me on Twitter @joshmitchell24…